Slice of Serenity

When we reached the station, we were greeted with oppressive heat and isolation to match it. Our shuttle was nowhere on the horizon, even though it was scheduled to arrive soon. We parked ourselves onto a grassy knoll nearby, feeling a little nervous about our decision.

A long while and several Snapchat stories later, we found ourselves pulling up into the driveway of our destination, Lucky Lake Hostel. Many of our friends had expressed their surprise that we had picked Lucky Lake – known for encouraging communal, comfortable living, the hostel was in a remote part of the countryside.

On our first day, we waded through a field of dandelions to reach the lakeside. We could see some families relaxing by the lake, couples drinking beer and a few women sunbathing. Largely, however, the shore was deserted, and we set our belongings down and lay by the water, chatting idly about everything on our minds. A few geese wandered up to us and went back. We ended the day in the theatre caravan, which you could rent for a small fee and watch Netflix in, with popcorn and chocolates.

Everyday, breakfast was in a long caravan dotted with diner-style seating. Everyone cooked together at a small stove on the outside; there was a recipe of the day, usually sweet, simple and delicious, along with the appropriate accoutrements – ingredients, equipment and a helping hand from the staff, if you needed it. On our final day, we were lucky enough to get to attempt poffertjes for breakfast. I cooked and ate more than I would admit in any respectable setting.

We had our own little home, of course – a gorgeous, pale pink caravan. Pastels are my favorite colors, and waking up to those macaron-esque walls would make me so happy. These miniature caravans were scattered across the property, which was massive, verdant green, and strung with twinkling fairy lights. I recall waking up to the sound of a few birds twittering softly outside my window early one morning; I stepped out of the caravan to take a short walk, and was a little dumbstruck by how beautiful everything looked, dappled by fading moonlight. I tried clicking a few pictures, of course, but nothing really came close to the actual sight.

If there’s a treasure trove of dreamy memories to look through on days more mundane than everyday, this memory finds a permanent place there.



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    love this blog!

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      Thanks a lot, Effie!


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